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ORICO M.2 SSD Heatsink


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The Orico M.2 SSD Heatsink has everything you need to keep your M.2 SSD cool while working or playing your favourite games. Its fast cooling and high performance stops your SSD from overheating which in turn can prolong the life of your hardware. Its aluminium and copper construction is durable and offers fast heat dissipation. It also comes with a stainless steel tray and thermal pads to help with this even more and protect the SDD from both sides. The copper heat fins absorb the heat coming from the SSD, allowing you to maximize the drives performance. The aluminium heatsink greatly increases the heat dissipation area, improving cooling efficiency. The aluminium grooves and copper fins provide the best heat dissipation efficiency for the SSD. This versatile heatsink is also easy to install and is compatible with desktop PCs and PS5 consoles.


  • Aluminium and copper construction
  • Cooling groove
  • Copper fins
  • 2280 M.2 SSD compatible
  • Compatible with PC and PS5
  • Easy installation


  • Product Material: Copper sheet + aluminium
  • Installation Method: Tool-free snap-in
  • Heat Dissipation Process: Innovative fin heat dissipation process, support PS5 game console hard disk heat dissipation
  • Compatible: Single/double-sided M.2-NVME/NGFF solid state drives, supporting 22×80 size
  • Product Colour: Brass Yellow
  • Product Dimensions: 7 x 2.7 x 1 cm


  • Orico M.2 SSD Copper Heatsink – Brass Yellow x1
  • Stainless Steel Tray x1
  • Thermal Pads x3
  • User Manual x1


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